Interactive Teller Machines

An ITM is essentially an ATM with expanded functionality and enhanced personal service.

A message from KH Network Credit Union

We are excited to update you on the direction KH Network Credit Union is headed in order to better serve each and every professional in the Kettering Health Network.

When are ITMs going to be available?
ITMs will be available in February, 2021.

ITM Features

An overview of how ITMs will help better benefit you by providing some of our key features more conveniently and safer.

ATM Functionality

Cash deposits, cash withdrawals, check deposits, and balance information.

24 Hours a Day

ATM functionality will be available 24 hours a day offering the features that you use most, like Cash withdrawal, cash deposit, and check deposit.

Video Conversation

During business hours, engage in a video conversation with one of our virtual professionals.


Nearly 95% of our services provided will be able to be offered conveniently and safely through ITMs.

Larger Withdrawals

The ability to withdrawal a larger amount of cash through our ITMs compared to conventional ATMs.

A Happier You

Holding strong to our commitment of Taking Care of Our Own, we are working to improve our services to help better serve you.

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