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Board of Directors & Senior Management
Board of Directors
The nine members of the KH Network Credit Union Board of Directors are elected from among the members of the Credit Union. They have unlimited terms of office, but three are up for reelection, on a rotating basis, at the annual elections. Members of the Board serve without compensation.
Board Members
Chairman - Michael Berry 
Vice Chairman - Peggy Smith 
Secretary - Roger Rickel
Treasurer - Bradley Mader
Director - Bev Cobb
Director - Joe Feller
Director - Catherine Heath
Director - Linda McCall
Director - Danae Still 
Responsibilities Include;
•Ensure that the Credit Union adheres to State and Federal regulations.
•Ensure the protection of members' assets in the Credit Union by establishing internal controls.
•Establish long-term strategic plans.
•Appoint a Director to manage the Senior Management Staff; who in-turn direct the daily operations of the Credit Union and its employees.  

Related Duties;
•Set the time and place of the monthly Board meetings.
•Receive the reports, and review the financial statements, of the Credit Union.
•Appoint Audit Committee members annually.
•Fill vacancies on the Board of Directors and the committees.
•Approve annual operating budgets.
•Review and set rates for loans and savings.
•Set the maximum amount of loans and shares.
•Approve loan policies recommended by management.
•Establish policies and procedures for investing the Credit Union's funds.
•Authorize short-term operational borrowing.
•Review the affairs of the organization and approve critical business relationships. 

Senior Management
Bradley Mader - President
Michelle Proctor - HR Manager & Compliance Officer
Stephanie Etienne - Vice President
Kendell Geiling - Operations Manager
Sherrie Perkins - Loan Manager
David D'Aurora - Business Development Manager