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Auto Loans
KH Network Credit Union specializes in getting you the vehicle you want with the most affordable payment.  100% financing and terms as long as 84 months are just two of the ways we can ease your vehicle buying anxiety!  Payroll deduction and funds transfer from another financial institution are available for payment convenience as well.

Signature Loans

Fixed-term secured and unsecured loans are available. You can use an unsecured loan for vacations, educational expenses, household expenses, bill consolidation or just about anything!


VISA PLATINUM 'Elite' and 'Cash Back' Credit Cards
KH Network Credit Union's VISA Platinum Credit Cards offer some of the best benefits you'll find anywhere! Our VISA Credit Cards are easy to use and accepted worldwide. Call our dedicated VISA Coordinator to answer your questions or concerns regarding your VISA card with us. The one-on-one professional service from our VISA Coordinator is top-notch!!
ALL of our VISA Credit Cards have:
• NO Balance Transfer Fee
• NO Annual Fee
• NO Cash Advance Fee
• Fixed APRs




Have Loan Questions?

Call our Loan Department at (937) 395-8852 · Fax (937) 395-8089